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Life Is Strange indeed

March 10, 2017 | 3 Minute Read

I like point-and-click games since I remember. I love time related problems, especially from my first encounter with the well-made plot of Steins;Gate. Now I think I would like playing visual novels.

The main reason why I got into LIS was Isayama Hajime himself who mentioned in one of his blog posts that he played it and it was something special.
Another reason was Square Enix most famous - for me - for their Lara Croft and Final Fantasy games. The game itself was developed by a relatively new studio - Dontnod Entertainment in Paris, France.

So, they released Life Is Strange - the choices of choices in choices, the time-loop maze, alternative worlds or time-lines created by the player, the butterfly effect leading through the chaos theory. Max for Chloe in Life Is Strange game is like Homura for Madoka in Puella Magi Madoka Magica universe.

Max(ine) Caulfield is the main protagonist all the time trying to protect her childhood friend Chloe Price against the more and more unexpected - same as ever tragic - fate, by making it more blurred with every choice, tighter twisted like a spiral with every rewinding of the time and stronger connected to the recurring nightmare over and over again.

  • strange life - poetical

Elusive blue butterfly in Arcadia world. The lighthouse in the nightmare. The shadow-deer in both.

  • strange life - creepy

Chloe’s shattered (or not) snow globe. Dead birds, but birds alive (oddly enough, not squirrels - you can meet them happy everywhere). Spirals - you can’t escape them, literally.

Whole action takes place in Arcadia - seemingly peaceful place with so much of a Twin Peaks soul.

Yes, it’s “FIRE WALK WITH ME” written on the mirror.

You can just feel the same calm before the storm in pair with uncommon game OST songs. Even missed Rachel is somehow like Laura Palmer. By the way, my favorite is definitely Pompidou.

Technically LIS is a type of visual novel where the player collects items and interacts with them as well as other characters in a point-and-click fashion. Everything ends up with the final choice between the two major riddle-endings as a conclusion of several combinations depending on the minor puzzle-choices made on the way to that last one.
Choose wisely - the silence with the blue butterfly in the background or the deer family with the emptiness left behind.

The game isn’t light at all, isn’t even simple. You are making/focusing on photos by taking them on your own as a visitor at the climate apocalypse, witness and author. And it is not easy even if you remember about the time-spiral limited power you achieved suddenly.

My choice reached moderate conclusion and infused a strange feeling that it was the best option. The final sacrifice I chose seems to be the most proper for the rest of the world even if the protagonist at the end changed nothing to fulfill the result. I couldn’t help it, all that time I was playing the game I asked myself frequently what if she wasn’t where she was when the blue butterfly appeared?. It was obvious that there’s no chance place for happy endings, from the beginning.

Do not play with fire should be the motto of that game and a warning before playing the worthwhile adventure.
Episode 1 is still free to play although it’s only the intro. Take the risk. Enjoy.

update [2017-03-22]
Why Arcadia sounds such familiar to me.
The Longest Journey / Dreamfall - oldschool, I strongly recommend it to LIS fans. My first favorite point-and-click game.