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  • June 14, 2018

    Dog Frisbee - positively reinforced predatory behavior

    Dog frisbee is one of those dog-human team work activities which you can not practice using aversive methods openly. Regarding dog frisbee [training, performance], there isn’t something like a “punishment” for an uncaught/caught incorrectly disc...

  • June 15, 2017

    dog training - essay about an engram

    Here’s Iria. An Australian Shepherd. My dog, friend and family member.Iria since her puppy days up till now - an adult dog (7 years) - have been training with reward based methods / leadership without force techniques, where the reward is used as ...

  • June 14, 2017

    my personal DogWise bookshelf

    Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs introduces the - usually inexperienced - reader to the definition of clicker training, positive reinforcement (via rewards) and finally into the world of ‘clicking’ in practice. The guidebook includes t...

  • May 13, 2017

    Canine Science - where to start

    Some time ago Zazie Todd from Companion Animal Psychology blog reminded me about biological family Canidae and why I like them so much. The reason is her 6 reasons to love canine science article.Canine Science is a definition used by/for people re...

  • August 03, 2016

    Dog Seminar - post weekend summary

    The one and only chance, a priceless experience - Ethology and Behavioral Ecology of Domestic Dog seminar with prof. Raymond Coppinger in Poland [Wroclaw]. The seminar divided into two parts: Dog Ethology - ‘How the dog works?’ Dog Behavioral Ec...